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Based in the Pacific Northwest, we are rooted in an appreciation for our green spaces, our vistas, and Puget Sound waterways. We have combined the talents of some of the most experienced professionals in the industry to design and build our timeless, well-composed homes and develop our well thought-out communities. Our homes are designed with a sense of perfect proportion, exceptional quality and attention to detail, ensuring that every home we build reflects the way people want to live, work and play.

Our visionary team of professionals focus intently, to prepare the perfect design for every community. Our team collaborates with architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers and others to lay the path for success at every step. We strive to insure each community features the latest visions in design and construction quality. We design living spaces that are highly functional with smart interior features, as well as exterior designs that inspire and create value.

Equity Holdings is a real-estate development company committed to building visionary communities of the highest distinction.

Our commitment revolves around a passion for what we do. Our belief is every community we build should contribute to the fabric of its neighborhood. We manage with honesty and integrity at each level of our business, and we have a culture of enthusiasm and hard work to ensure all our projects meet our high mark for quality craftsmanship.


We care about design that creates lasting value for your home while paying attention to the flow of how your family lives. Light infiltration is key to how we design our layouts allowing sunlight to spill into living areas. Our home-building team has a passion for design that inspires.

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We manage with honesty and integrity at each level of our business.

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